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Today Myanmar benefits democratic reform politically and emerge as Economic sanctuary for pioneer and entrepreneur. Every day, many people and companies, both domestic and abroad, try to get involve in ever growing Myanmar economy which is in its infancy and filled with volatility and high risks. As the government trying to keep up with demand for economic reform, many laws, rules and regulation are changing in very fast pace especially in the area of trading and banking as well as Human and Natural resource utilization.

With all the changes, there is a big void in consulting and advising to navigate these uncharted territories for both Myanmar and Foreign investors. Individuals, groups and companies regularly need legal advice regarding “Corporate Regulatory & Compliance” issue. Many companies partnering with other foreign and domestic companies need sound consultation in “Mergers & Acquisitions”. Most of them also need to deal with “Private & Corporate Real Estate” issue, and required strong advocate to negotiate on their behalf.

The growing economies bring the need for consulting and advising not only in the area of law but also in many other areas such as Finance & Accounting, Market Research & Survey and Logistical support. Many large projects also required official proposal which in term bring out the importance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA). Many of these proposals require coordination of several government agencies and expertise from various organizations.

“Fame Myanmar Law Firm” was formed to consult and advocate to fill up those needs. We are positioned ourselves to be the market leader by partnering with experts and professionals who had served in various government agencies. All the founding members of Fame Myanmar group served and retired as high ranking government official in the ministries of their respective area of expertise.

With our collective knowledge, many years of combined experience and wide range of network, we are well capable of advising and consulting our clients with highest professionalism, integrity and transparency they deserve. We will be happy and honor to be part of your successful team by integrating in supporting of legal and other matters that you may need.